so i kind of have to do this

I stopped writing/journaling after my mother and father passed away in 2014. There was something about writing that made the harsh reality that much more permanent.

A friend told me yesterday that she learned that grief can re-wire your brain. I agree with that, any sort of trauma can re-wire your brain; but I have lived it and know I am a very different person than I was. Five years seems like a different life ago.

I also went to my first Reiki session yesterday where I learned what I already knew, my inner energy is all messed up. My crown, third eye, and throat chakras have a lot going on and I also am not grounded. These are all things I know and I feel but it was nice to hear someone else recognize it. I was encouraged to write and journal again; to find some sort of connection to myself and the things around me. I’ve put myself in a protective box and have grown too comfortable in it.

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